Adrenaline Rush At Zero MPH
All It Takes Is A Costco Membership Card… and $116,650

Does the media room in your Palm Beach estate seem a tad boring these days?  I mean, most shows on TV are forgettable, with the possible exception of Elementary.  And really, how many times can you watch Casa Blanca or Wall Street? 

So, time for something new to jazz up the old routine, eh?  And Costco UK and FMCG International have just the thing… a full-size Formula One racing simulator.   

Replacing the track at Monaco are three 23-inch TFT Screens, each with 8 ms response times, mounted on an adjustable frame forward of the cockpit. The racing sim experience is driven by a tricked out PC with Intel Core i7 processor, Intel SSD hard drive, triple head graphics card, 16 GB RAM, 1200 W power supply, and a wireless keyboard with integrated mouse. But with a little tinkering we'd imagine one could configure and integrate an Xbox or PS3 rather easily into the F1’s system.

A 5.1 digital sound system further enhances the experience with screen towers housing the main front speakers. A sub-woofer positioned replaces the engine behind the driver to provide the bass, while other speakers located inside the car help round out the aural experience.

You'll have to ask your teenage son (or daughter) what all that means… we have no idea, beyond the fact that it is easily possible to elevate your heart rate to spinning class levels (no pun intended) and lose yourself in the challenge of trying to take that next turn flat-out without crashing in to the digital wall. 
You know all that thrill-seeking stuff you'd like to do, but your wife, or your board of directors... or common sense for that matter... won't let you do?  They'll have a hard time finding a valid argument against this one.  

Although the F1 is available online, buyers need to contact Costco UK directly for their F1 simulator purchase in order to properly part with their £74,999.91 (excluding VAT) (approx. US$116,650).

Note: this video is of Red Bull driver Mark Webber in a real Formula One simulator that actually simulates every bump in the track… and costs ten times more than the FMCG simulator.  But it gives you a good idea of what the general experience is like, with narration from one of the top drivers in the world.


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