The Midas Road – Name Change for Peter Frey Blog

To those of you that read my blog, thanks very much.  This is to let you know that I'm changing the name from The Cars of Palm Beach to 'The Midas Road.'  This is my first attempt at a blog, and I gave it the Palm Beach name because that's where I live, and it's a world-class haven for luxury, exotic and collector cars.  But the concept also turned out to be more creatively confining than I anticipated.  Hence the name change.
In legend, Midas was the king with the power to turn everything he touched to gold.  And if you look at today’s infinitely varied automotive landscape, it seems clear that he traveled extensively and spread his golden gift far and wide.  I've been traveling 'The Midas Road' for thirty years, and am endlessly astounded at the variety of cars, careers, people, products and events that seem somehow and forever drenched in the distinctive coronal glitter of wealth and exclusivity. It's a winding road, but a trip worth taking.  Interested?  Climb into the passenger's seat and let's go for a ride.

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